holiday (plural holidays)

  1. A day on which a festival, religious event, or national celebration is traditionally observed.
  2. A day which is declared free from work by the government.
  3. A day taken off work by an employee.
  4. (UK) A period taken off work or study for leisure, relaxation, or travel. To go on holiday, (a) to take time off work or study, (b) to travel and stay somewhere during a period taken off work or study for purposes of leisure or relaxation.
  5. (UK) (slang) The part of the male anatomy between the testicles and the phallus.
  6. (US) (slang) An area of a wall or other object that has not been covered by paint or stain.

7 letters in word "holiday": A D H I L O Y.

Anagrams of holiday:

Words found within holiday:

ad ado ah ahold ahoy ai aid ail al alod ay da dah dahl daily dal dali day dhal di dial diol do doh doily dol dolia ha had hail haily halid halo haloid hao hay hi hid hidy hila hild hiya ho hoa hod hoi hold holy hoy hoya hyla hyoid id idly idol idola idyl io la lad lady lah laid lay li lid lido lo load loid loy od oda odah odal odyl oh ohia oi oil oily old oldy olid oy ya yah yald yid yo yod yodh yold

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